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With ten years of existence, Ekonomista produces 300 new articles per month. All content is written and reviewed by professionals in their respective areas of expertise. More than 130,000 visits daily from readers interested in solutions, tips, products and services.

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Ekonomista is a leading online publisher oriented to help readers in their daily practical life management and decision-making.

We bet on diversified content with simple, uncomplicated and accessible language.

Ekonomista publishes current, valuable and relevant content for readers in areas such as personal finances, career, motors or lifestyle.

vida ativavida ativa

vida ativa

With nine years of existence, Vida Ativa aims to promote health through the daily publication of easy-to-understand content in the clusters of health, fitness and nutrition. All content is written and reviewed by  professionals with expertise in different health and wellness fields.

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Vida Ativa is a website that promotes health through the daily publication of current and easy-to-understand content.

It´s dedicated to the areas of well-being and healthy eating.

The articles follow an editorial line free of conflicts of interest, with useful, interesting and enlightening content, produced and reviewed by specialists.

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